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guru's take on little ol' bc Restaurant

Michael Rottela is an SU Grad/Guru
For "What to do?" w
e follow the guru and encourage you to do so, as well. His real name is Michael Rottela, and he is a 2011 graduate of SU (English and textual studies). He is the founder of the Syracuse Guru, which is a lifestyle site serving the greater CNY area. He is out and about in CNY (especially Syracuse) eating, listening to music, going to sporting events and art openings and much more, making him a great resource for what is going on that is worth you valuable time and money. Especially in this age of newspapers cutting their critic's budgets!

This is how the guru sums up bc:

bc Restaurant is a nearly ten year old establishment in the heart of Armory Square. Specializing in a unique menu of modern American cuisine, bc has gone through some interesting changes in recent years. A focus on upscale food, high quality ingredients, and a come-as-you are approach to the customer sets this restaurant apart. It’s the kind of place where you get to know the staff and are greeted by your first name. Staff are professionals and highly trained experts in bc’s many offerings–whether it be a mixology-forward cocktail, bottle of wine, or excellent, freshly sourced ingredients. bc Restaurant marries together the full service, white table cloth experience but does away with the stuffiness. It’s high-end food with a comfortable vibe.

Maria - if you haven't yet, you may meet a girl called "Maria!! bc's beverage manager.

Griffin and Amelia Robb have worked as hosts at bc.

John Rod and Meredith Arnold are bc Captains!

bc Restaurant specializes in seafood and presents an ever-changing lineup of scallops, fish preparations, and excellent, simple calamari among other items. Both the chef and managing partner are from the East Coast and possess a careful eye for the finest seafood. In fact, the new executive chef (starting very soon) was recruited from Legal Seafood in Boston.


bc runs a different scallop dish each night and always has salmon on the menu!

Aside from the casual atmosphere and fine food, bc is also a great entertainment spot. Every month or so the restaurant handpicks local art and curates a gallery throughout the entire space. All work is for sale and bc even hosts special meet and greet receptions with featured CNY artists quite often. Also don’t forget the local bands and singers who pass through bc’s doors on a frequent basis. Acoustic guitar, live jazz, and soulful vocals often accompany a dinner at bc. Not to mention the busy bar that always seems to attract a who’s who of local people of note. If you haven’t got time for dinner but want a tasty cocktail instead, try bc’s bar!

The newest thing at bc is called S.I.N. Mondays. The acronym stands for “Service Industry Night” (see our banner ad) and features half-price drinks, special events, the occasional live entertainment, as well as wine and liquor tastings. The offerings at Service Industry Nights change frequently. It’s a dedicated night for locals in the service industry, whether working in salons, as artists, as musicians, or in the hospitality business. If this is you, I highly recommend stopping in on a Monday soon and partaking in one of these special nights.

bc hosts formal sit down dinners - or lunches.

bc offers also offers casual meals and buffets!

bc is also a great and very commonly utilized venue for special events. If you’re looking to throw a party in Armory Square, bc can accommodate practically any request. Weddings, business meetings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and birthday parties are just a few of the many events bc has played host to. The restaurant has special menus for events but can also accommodate all kinds of requests. In the words of managing partner Ellen Leahy, “Anything you ask for, we can pretty much do.”

(315) 701-0636 – Call for reservations or go online http://www.bcrestaurant.com and click red reservation button located on the top of the page.

El leahy and one of bc's younger customers - Chase!

bc Restaurant in Armory Square
247 West Fayette Street (Directions)
(315) 701-0636

Restaurant Hours:
Monday through Thursday: 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Friday – Saturday: 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.


High - Crank it up man!

High - crank it up man!


by Ellen Leahy, your host at bc


Have I somehow missed something? What's with all my dear home cooks using the temperature controls on your grills? I have witnessed this time and time again. Swing that dial to the Right - (AKA HIGH) and let it really heat up before you commence with the grilling. And, keep it there! Move the product not the dial.


I can't think of a professional kitchen that doesn't have a grill cranked on high - full steam ahead - at all times. Of course, one learns each grill's hot spot, and items are moved about. But to run a grill on medium or low or anything other than HIGH is NEVER done.

Guess which of these three people is our chef!?  
a. Amelia b. Wayne c. Meredith
(the answer is at the bottom of this missive)


Maybe the new fangled chefs are all girlie with their grills, but I hope not!


Ovens are also most often cranked up on HIGH on the firing line. These may be used at varying temperatures during pre-line preparation. You know, like when we are roasting a Prime Rib or baking a cake or a batch of cremes. But when it comes time for service - everything is on HIGH! Except, of course, us!

                                                      Shake up high, too! Barman James Hall Shakin' it up high ...  by yoni diamond


Answer to pop quiz = b. Wayne, the dude with the beard, who looks like he knows how to handle fire, which he absolutely does!``

Tales of the Unexpected at bc

Etching by Elizabeth Andrews.

Tales of the Unexpected 

By Ellen Leahy - inspired by Elizabeth Andrews

One late summer on the coast of Massachusetts, my family was remodeling our 200ish year old sea captains house. Our neighbors who spent early summer in Snug Harbor, Duxbury offered their cottage to my parents while our kitchen was under construction. Who does that? 

That's the addition we built on the back of our half-house.

We had actually hooked up our white woody country squire station wagon to a back section of our house and pulled it down. That area happened to include my bedroom, so I was moved over to the back house. 

This is an earlier model Country Squire than the one we hooked up to the back of the house, but you get the picture!

Moths like mine!

I'm telling you this to explain how I ended up with a flock of moths as pets. You see, my temporary bedroom was lacking screens and I, being a bit of a fraidy cat, liked to sleep with the light on. Even though I had seen "Mothra," I was in no way afraid of these winged creatures that flew in and danced around the floor lamp that was standing near the window in my room.

Here is Mothra and Godzilla!

As a matter of fact, I was a bit of an accomplice as it  was their natural predators that kept me on my toes - the spider. I could really feel the moths fright when it came to those eight legged web-dwellers. Okay, I know Charlotte was a good spider, but no matter how many times my mother read me that one E. B. White book, I still to this day am slightly nervous around spiders. I just don't trust them. Consider that their skill set includes trapping and disarming their prey, then wrapping them up to wait to be some future meal.

Nice talk for a restauranteur - right? 

I guess Spiders have faces, too!

I am telling you this because October's featured artist, Elizabeth Andrews, is a kindred spirit (of  mine, not Charlotte). As a matter of fact she has done a whole series on etchings on Moths called Moth-ers. Which is also the title of people study moths! Actually, in her study of these winged creatures, she has noticed that each moth has a different face. This detail is reflected in her series. 
Andrews doesn't stop there, she has created a body of work that hosts many fanciful figures both real and mythical. As our in house curator, Steve Nyland said, "Elizabeth has her own little world going on down there I was really charmed by it."

Andrew's mermaid!
I hope you can take a little bit of your precious time to stop in this Friday October 18 between 5 and 6:30 to see Elizabeth's work for yourself. We will be offering refreshments and I am certain you will be charmed, as well!

For more on the artist: http://elizabethandrewsstudio.com/bio.htm
For more thinking on spiders and moths:  http://everymagicalday.wordpress.com/2011/08/23/animal-connections-spider-and-moths/

Making Music in Syracuse – the Sinatra connection

By Ellen Leahy, your host at bc

Did you know there is a national music magazine located in Syracuse? “Making Music!” The headquarters are upstairs above our restaurant right here on Fayette Street in Armory Square.

The reason I am writing to tell you this is that one night the editor in chief, Antoinette Follett, and several contributors were in for dinner at table #11 (that's a power table FYI). I was introduced to Bob Popyk, a prolific writer/author/columnist.

We started to discuss show business people and someone mentioned Vincent Falcone, Frank Sinatra's bandleader who was from Syracuse.

Vincent Falcone
Let me back up:
I thought I was a bit of a Sinatra savant. I admit it is emotional, connected to my “Mad Men” childhood on the Jersey Shore. A childhood that often involved the local police showing up at our house to ask my dad to turn down his RCA stereo. A stucco house that happened to be wired for sound throughout its entire four stories. I believe it was the speakers out on the back rather large screened in porch that were the real culprit. But, seriously, if you were even a tiny bit romantic and from Jersey, Sinatra was part of one's soundtrack in the 1960s. The Chairman of the Board was way before the boss. That's one of Jersey's other musicians - who was more of a poet - Springstein from Asbury Park.

Born in the USA

Springstein was at one time hailed as a new Bob Dylan

So, I couldn't believe I hadn't heard of Sinatra's Syracuse connection! Is this common knowledge? I thought I would write and ask. Heck, I've lived in CNY since the 1970s. I was even at the tour Sinatra did in the 1980s with Wayne Newton. By the way, Newton was sporting the biggest belt buckle I'd ever seen. That was one unforgettable buckle! Gigantic!

Well, whether Sinatra's Syracuse connection is or isn't common knowledge, Popyk graciously gifted me with a copy of a book he wrote with Vincent “Vinnie” Falcone about Falcone's career in music. It is titled, “Frankly, Just Between Us: My Life Conducting Frank Sinatra's Music.”

“I loved the book!” And, would seriously recommend it to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the music industry. It was a great read and well written. And, most importantly, not sensational at all, which is refreshing in this day and age.

So, I'd love to know. Am I really the last one to hear about Sinatra's bandleader being from the 'Cuse? By the way, he wasn't only his conductor, but also a very fine pianist – who once worked at at the legendary Clark Music Store!  http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2012/08/clark_music_in_syracuse_since.html.

Falcone has performed with a host of show bizgreats.

Every Friday we host live music at bc - check out our website for a schedule of players:  http://www.bcrestaurant.com/happenings.

Experience "The SHAKES" at bc this Saturday Sept. 21, 2013

The day after Anna Vogel's Third Friday Night Gig this week - there is a once a year experience here at bc. It's "The SHAKES" reunion at bc this Saturday Sept. 21 at 8 p.m.

A band so underground, we don't even have a picture!

You’ve got to see and hear
The SHAKES” for yourselves, as this is one indescribable band! And, they are literally un-google-able, too!

It has been said that “The SHAKES” defy comparison to any other singing / instrumental group in the history of show business. That's right folks, the whole history of show business including Henny Youngman, Bono, Bette Midler, Conan O'Brien, court jesters and Hannah Montanna!

Some say it is because of the way they get into the heart and spirit of a song. Actually, this is a band that often interprets material from the inside out. “The SHAKES,” who knew?


A bit of “The SHAKES” history:

It's a 30-year time-spanning band of five guys originally from Syracuse, New York and now back in Syracuse. Go figure? This band is known for the absolute spontaneity in showmanship … sometimes even at the risk of, “dare we say,” technique.

Nonetheless, when “The SHAKES” play, it’s with wild abandon and utter enthusiasm … and the way in which they give themselves over to a song, makes the outcome so personal it’s almost embarrassing. For them, not for you!

The SHAKES” will play and sing almost anything, from combative roots-rock ‘n’ roll to spiritual ballads. In each song-style their magnetism is clearly inescapable. The electrifying elements that pull and hold audiences was witnessed by one fan who wrote, “We play your demo over and over until the record player gets too hot. Then take it over to a neighbor’s house, and guess what? Yep… we go and play it some more.”

The SHAKES” are Dennis B. Friscia singing and playing rhythm electric, B ‘The Elf’ Elfenbein on lead guitar and vocals, Dave B Goldman on guitar, bass and vocals, Henry B Jankiewicz on bass and violin, and the exploding drummer is simply known as B. Not a word, as in "Cher" or "Prince", but just one simple consonant, "B".

“The SHAKES” reputation not only precedes but also follows them with clubs, spades, diamonds and lady hearts down the dark narrow annals of local rock ’n’ rolling legend.


There's more folks!
When “The SHAKES” are on, the dance floor often bends in a maddening pre-volcanic pulse. The hand that once rocked the cradle continues to shake and shimmy now to the all-ages population in spite of all support groups and more aggressive meds now available on the market; demonstrating time and again that incurable magic is indeed, impossible to cure, hence the moniker, incurable. What the heck does that mean? - Not sure, Maybe it's “The SHAKES!”

Do you hear what I hear? “Holy moly.….it’s…...'The SHAKES!'”

Experience “The SHAKES” for yourself at bc this Saturday Sept. 21 starting at 8 p.m.

After all this, we are not quite sure what to expect - but are just adventurous enough to give it a whirl. Hope you can make it!



Melissa isn't in "The SHAKES," but she's our friend and we had her picture available!

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